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This is something I normally would never do.. but.. my fiance and I need some serious help.. Please give this a read over and some thought.. we would deeply appreciate it.

My name is Lexi, also known as Alexandrea.

This is something I would normally never do unless it was of dire need, but my partner and I are in need of some BIG help.

I am an American who is currently living in Australia with my soon-to-be wife[Lani] and while our wedding is all set up and ready we have fallen in to a pretty big financial hole and it is one we fear we might never be able to pull ourselves out from.

Our situation is this, my fiancé has worked all her life and managed to make her own living, working in nice hotels as a night auditor and a receptionist and the like. But when I moved down to Australia with her on my work and holiday vise, things started to look a little south. Now at first we were alright, they money my fiancé made while I looked for a job kept us afloat in the place with lived in[up in Darwin], but as the months crawled by and I still had no job, things became a little more difficult.

After about 4 moths, Lani and myself managed to move back to her home town on the Gold Coast, into her fathers old place. Things were seeming to turn up, at least until we found out the new rate of pay and how much we would be paying for everything we needed to survive.

Lani made only a few dollars over minimum wage and near the end of her first pay check she had only made a little over $1000 and all of it went right into things that needed to be paid for. We quickly discovered that things were going to become increasingly more difficult for us, with how much is spent on transport to work, our bills and food, each pay check we are run dry and sometimes we have even not been able to buy enough food to last us two weeks. 

Only now has the situation gotten worse, Lani is going to be losing her job, as her managers are eliminating the position and with our wedding coming up in less than two weeks, by the time we get back she will no longer have a job. As I have not come close to landing any kind of job due to my lack of experience and my visa. Normally this would not be an issue, except that both transfers than Lani was promised and even the job she had lined up were taken away from her which has now put us in an even deeper hole.

Every day is a struggle to survive, now in learning that we need to buy another visa for me to live and work in New Zealand and even after to buy a residency visa just so I can stay with her. Everything just continues to pile up and Lani and myself are at the very end of our ropes.

I'm usually never one to ask for such things but in order to survive and keep on going we need to make at least 10k so we can pay for the visas, it's a fairly short period of time that we need some of it as my visa expires in April of 2016 and if I do not have another visa, I will be deported back to the U.S. and we are unsure of what will happen after that..

If there is anything anyone could donate, even just a little bit, Lani and I would be more grateful than any of you would be able to imagine, any kind of help no matter what it may be would help.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this, just knowing that others know our situation is a little bit of stress lifted off of our shoulders. Thank you.
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United States

My name is Lexi, as most people on the interwebs tend to call me.
The only things you honestly need to know about me are that i'm a fun loving and energetic person who will do just about anything for her fiends and loved ones.

As far as my age goes, well i'll let you all figure that one out since I don't feel like constantly updating this this every year. If you can't figure it out then well...SUX 2 B U!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy being here upon my profile!

BTW, I am currently very happily engaged to the absolute LOVE of my life!

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My special sisters ~

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My AMAZING brothers!!

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Best Bro for life!!
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The friends I made recently on Skype and DA have been the best to me, I thank you all so much for everything and all you guys have done for me, helping me with my problems and making me happy and look forward to talking to you guys every day. Thank you Joe for introducing them to me, and once again you all mean the world to me and I will always be here for you like you guys have been for me these past few days.

~MUCH LOVE!!~ <3

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